Release Week Snoopy Dance party!

Thanks to Angela’s post last week, I now know what Snoopy Dancing looks like! This week I’m Snoopy Dancing about the release of my latest Love Inspired Suspense, EASY PREY:

Easy Prey Ebook cover


When she’s attacked by animal traffickers in the zoo she’s been brought on to rehabilitate, Elise Tanner begins to doubt the wisdom of returning home after decades away. Especially because her self-appointed protector is US Marshal Jonah Rivers. Jonah isn’t just the brother of her dead husband. He’s the man who’s consumed her dreams for far too long. Jonah needs to come to terms with Elise’s long-held secrets—including the fact that he’s now uncle to a teenager. But Jonah and Elise have more pressing matters: conquering the dangerous forces around the zoo before they fall victim to them…

You can join the Facebook Party on 1st Sept for the chance to win some great Christian fiction books from some really great authors.

This week feels like a celebration on it’s own, but I’m also getting ready to go to Kauai, HI on Labor day. Next week is my husband and my 10th wedding anniversary!! Double celebration!

I’m so excited!! But there’s still a lot of prep that goes into a trip, especially the logistics of childcare (and puppy-care) at home.

Sometimes life feels like a zoo, am I right? It certainly does at my house. Elise’s zoo has more human predators than animals, and she gets in some pretty tight spots at times but she falls back on her faith to get her through.

Life can feel like that zoo sometimes, but the wonderful thing I’ve learned is that God is faithful to walk with us through even the toughest terrain.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to join the Facebook party on Tuesday!

  LISA PHILLIPS is theebfd6-lisa2bphillips author of four Love Inspired Suspense titles, the novel Bait, and the WITSEC town series (Sanctuary). She leads worship with her husband at their local church, and when she’s not doing music is hanging with her kids and an all black Airedale.


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