Writing Like Snoopy

There’s a term I hear a lot in the writing world: Snoopy Dancing. It looks like this:

snoopy dancing

When a writer announces that she has sold a book, she says, “I’m Snoopy dancing!” and everyone celebrates along with her.

What you don’t hear ever is, “I’m Snoopy crying!” Because nobody wants to announce that they didn’t sell a manuscript. Though I will show you what that looks like, too:

snoopy crying

I know because I didn’t sell my manuscript last week. Now, here’s the thing. The editor asked for revisions. That mean she might buy it if I make the changes she wants. The problem is this:

snoopy writing

Snoopy loved his writing just like I love my writing, but he might not be the best role model for a successful career as an author. So, I will do what Stephen King tells me to:

Ā kill-your-darlings

Stephen is a little more gruesome than Snoopy. But he’s right.

  • I have to let my surprise ending go. I love surprises, but I guess some readers do this stupid thing called “expect a happily-ever-after.”
  • I have to kick Mom and Dad out. Not my Mom and Dad, but I loved them nonetheless.
  • I have to keep my heroine from falling in love with the hero too soon–even though he is soooo honorable. (I almost said charming, but the bad guy actually has more charm. This guy is attractive because of his integrity.)

And as much as I hate to admit it, my story will be better in the end whether or not I get a book contract. Michael Chrichton knows:

michael crichton

So no matter what your passion is, I want to wish you all many Snoopy dances and enough Snoopy cries to get you to revise whatever needs to be revised in your life. And feel free to share both. Because we’ve all been there.

snoopy-happy-dance with charlie

What makes you Snoopy dance?


9 thoughts on “Writing Like Snoopy

  1. I also got revisions. It’s such a weird happy/sad up/down feeling for me (and maybe for you?) Yay, it’s not a rejection! Yay they really like my voice! Oh, they hate that thing I did that I loved. Ugh, why do they want me to get rid of that character that comes in and turns everything upside down in the best way? But at the end of this I know I’ll have a stronger book. Hopefully we’ll both have a change to snoopy dance soon. šŸ™‚

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  2. Angela, I love the spirit. Whether it’s a snoopy dance or cry, God is still in control. The Bible says, He makes all things beautiful in its time. When my ms got passed on, I had a time of self pity because I felt they were mistakes I could’ve corrected. The editor loved my voice but they’d rather have my mcs be a particular way and all that. I held it in until one day, I finally let it out and had a good snoopy cry. Of course, that meant no writing for a few days. Only the passion in me wouldn’t let my writing shrivel and die. And I had to believe that the One who gave me the passion is He who makes all things beautiful in its time.
    Angela, I’m sure we will snoopy dance with you. Keep your head up!


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