It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (+Presents)

It’s July.

And you know what that means!


We’re escaping the heat here at Team Love on the Run by celebrating Christmas in July. We’re dreaming of a white Christmas…and reading romance…
(With suspense, of course.)

And on that note, it’s my pleasure to welcome author, Kristine McCord. She’s here to tell us about her super fun novel,The Santa Society. It’s our top pic for your Christmas in July reading. I have to warn you, though. The cover is a little distracting. *drool*

Plus it wouldn’t be Christmas without presents so don’t miss the awesome giveaway at the end of this post. 🙂  

Now on to Kristine –

The Santa Society

When I started writing The Santa Society, I had no idea I was about to dip a toe into romantic suspense. And I mean that literally. It was just a toe, and I had no outline whatsoever. It all started with a cool dog, a hunky hero, and a heroine who’d lost her Christmas spirit. Fun holiday romance.

And then suddenly there were bad guys…corruption…and a complicated mystery to uncover.

Bring it!

Who cares if we’re in Christmasville, with Santa and cowboy-elves. It makes total sense, right? And yeah, there’s…um…a “smidgeon” of fantasy involved. But I had to because—Santa. I had no choice.

And I learned something.

Suspense is adversity, uncertainty, and near misses that test our faith—these are the ingredients that bring romance off the page. Without it…well, all you’ve got is something more unrealistic than fantasy: a perfect world. So if you ask me, suspense resonates…any time of year. In The Santa Society, it’s just a sprinkle. But it totally whetted my appetite for suspense writing.

Now here we are. It’s July, and my kids are getting bored. It’s so hot outside and summer sags. As I write this, my five year old daughter walks in my office with a children’s book in her hand. It’s Merry Christmas, Curious George. She wants to read it to me. What are the odds? I guess I could tell her, “It’s July. Pick a different book.”

But what I say is this: “Bring it. I love Christmas stories.”

She doesn’t read well yet, so she makes up the entire thing as she goes along…by the seat of her tiny little pants. Next thing I know, the man in the yellow jacket is a bad guy and there’s poisonous mistletoe everywhere…children are in the hospital. Luckily, Christmas is saved by a little monkey who brings gifts and a magical tree. Then Santa arrives and makes the guy in the yellow jacket take a time out and clean up his room.

Something tells me there’s a future suspense writer in the works here.

And it makes total sense. Suspense and Christmas were made for each other, so who cares if it’s July.

Kristine McCord

Award winning author, Kristine McCord, was born and raised in Georgia. She later lived throughout the Southeast before finally making her way to the beautiful state of Idaho, where she now lives with her children and a Sphynx cat. Some of her favorite things are soul-food, the sound of bagpipes, peach rings, and key lime pie.

And now for the presents!

Christmas in July

You can go here to enter to win this awesome prize pack from our own Heather Woodhaven. Here’s all the goodies that you’ll find inside.

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Are you excited for Christmas yet? 


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