Romance: Then and Now

When my youngest was three years old she found me, very concerned. “Mom, I think I want to get married.”

I looked up, surprised.

“I’ll have to grab a boy tomorrow,” she mumbled and walked off.

When I was her age, my idea of romance was probably pretty similar.

As a young teenager, romance was all about the accidental bumping of hands in the popcorn bucket. Now, after almost twenty years of marriage, romance can be sharing a look of awareness and pride as we watch our child overcome a struggle. Or a spontaneous trip for coffee where we can talk uninterrupted. Or encouraging my writing…

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.46.02 AM












Today, I’d love to know how your thoughts of romance changed over the years.

What used to be romantic to you as a teenager and would it still be romantic to you now?


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